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seeds TOP 5 bestsellers:

#1 White Widow

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This strain is the strongest cannabis in the world.
The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all.
The high is extreme and the taste divine.
This weed has won more cups than any before.
On the top of all dutch coffeeshop menu's (mostly the most expensive!)
A must for anyone who thinks they are a smoker!
#2 Big Bud
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Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989.
A must for the grower with high ambitious intentions,
The yield is legendary, producing masive buds with very few leaves.
The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong.
Will produce more than any other plant in the same space.
Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds.
#3 Early Misty
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An early flowering misty, short bushy plant.
This strain is a distant sister of white widow strain so strength goes without saying.
Nice plant for european climates,its one of the earliest flowering plants on the market today .
This plant has something else, the taste is superb smooth and sweet.
#4 Northern Lights
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Big broad leaves and large crystal covered buds, with strong hashy taste.
This is not a big plant growing to about 1.5 m outdoors.
It is a good plant for the indoor growers,its a classic plant and one of the most smoked and grown in holland,try it out! Find your marijuana seeds at Seedscanner.
#5 Purple Power
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Lovely purple buds on this plant give it a special taste and smell.
It is a powerful strain with sativa overtones.
It is a very hardy plant and can be grown outdoors in the worst climates. Get feminized seeds here.
Its ancestors are Hollands Hope crossed with Skunk#1.
A powerful high sativa odor.
#5 Grow Cabinets
Check out some of these wonderful grow cabinets for sale here
Everything you need to grow indoors.

#1 Hawaiian Gold Bud

Hawaiian Gold the legal herbal high legal Marijuana Alternative Legal Bud from.

#2 Dutch Hybrid

#3 Hereal Dro

#4 Blueberry

#5 Maui Hybrid

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Growing Marijuana With Hydroponics

If you have never grown marijuana before, it is safe to say that starting with hydroponics may not be your best choice. Instead, you should try to grow in soil or another simpler system so that you can gain an understanding of the basics before doing something more complicated and expensive like hydroponics.

Why grow with hydroponics?

Growing marijuana in a hydroponics system, when done properly, can result in a much higher yield than when growing in soil. Even the growing time is less, meaning you can get more yields per year than with other indoor methods. In hydroponics, it's all about getting the most out of the light, CO2, nutrients, ventilation, and seeds.

Not only is the grow cycle shorter when growing in a hydroponics system, but everything about the operation is more efficient: the buds will be denser, larger, and juicier, the plants themselves will be several feet shorter but just as effective, and a good strain will get you massive yields.

Some basic tips

One of the main things to worry about when growing marijuana in a hydroponics system is the pH level of the water by your marijuana plants roots. Always keep the pH level between 5.5 and 6.8 even better would be between 6.3 and 6.5. Generally speaking, the pH level will rise as time goes on and the nutrients in the water are soaked up by your plants. For that reason, check the pH level often. You can use a powder or liquid product to raise or lower the pH level.

Keep refreshing the water and nutrients in the hydroponics system about every 1.5 weeks.

You should also maintain the temperature of the water near the roots. It should not drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the nighttime hours (lights off), nor below 70 degrees Fahrenheit during daytime hours (lights on). Using HID lights instead of fluorescent ones will help keep the temperature at warmer levels. That being said, if your area is known for police fly-overs where they use tools to check for heat from above, HID lights are not a good idea.

Make sure plenty of fresh oxygen is coming in, and the old air is being pulled out. Additionally, the roots of your marijuana plants will also need fresh oxygen. Use a liquid form of oxygen to put it straight into the water.

Generally speaking, when you first start growing a hydroponics system you should start out small. Begin with just one net pod system and go from there so you can enter a larger operation having a better idea of how to go about it.

Remember, when growing marijuana, you should never tell anyone about it, as that will be the most likely thing to get yourself caught. Of course, this applies to all methods of growing marijuana.

COMMENTARY; County should begin issuing medical marijuana ID cards